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All About PVC Tube Settler Media

Posted by Admin on November, 17, 2020

Tube settlers is a method in which bundles of tubes are used to allow solids present in water settle for removal purpose by conventional sludge. In simple words, are commonly used in clarifies to increase solid in waste settling capacity by slowing down the vertical distance of a suspended particle. It is a low-cost method of upgrading and improving available water treatment clarifiers to better performance.
Tube setters can also reduce the footprint/tankage required in improving or installation performance of the already existing basin by reducing and slowing down solids present on downstream filters.

How Tube settlers work?
Tube settlers prefer using bundles of tubes PVC channels one next to other at an angle of 60 degrees to form a deck of tubes for improved solid settling. The fluffy mass water enters the deck from the bottom and then flows in an upward direction. As the flow of water moves in the upward direction, solids and particles start to settle on the base level area provided by the tube surface. All the heavy solids slide down the surface.

Application of Tube Settlers:
• Sewage Water Treatment
• Raw Water Treatment
• Primary secondary Effluent Treatment

Why use PVC Tube Settlers?
The PVC Tube Settler wholesale offers a great and inexpensive method for upgrading the existing water in the clarifiers and the sedimentation basins of the treatment plant in order to improve its performance. It helps in cutting down and reducing the tankage which was required for making up new installations or for improving the performance of the existing settling basins. They reduce the solids which are loading on the downstream filters in order to
improve the functionality of the purifying system.

The PVC settlers are usually made up of lightweight PVC. Due to its lightweight, it can be easily supported with the help of these minimal structures which are usually incorporated in order to provide support to the effluent trough.
These settlers are easily available in a number of different module size along with varied tube lengths allowing the ability to fit into all types of tank geometry. These settlers are found in a variety of designs and engineering options which are offered by the manufacturer.

Advantages of Tube Settlers:
Tube setters can be applied to both new basin/clarifiers or existing basins/clarifiers of any required size:
• Basins/clarifiers with tube settlers function 4 times more than basins/clarifiers without tube settlers.
• With tube settler, it is possible to cut the half dosage of coagulant even while maintaining poor influent opaque to plant filters.
• Less number of times filter is backwashed significantly equates operating cost for electricity and water both.
• Addition of tube settlers can increase the flow of existing water plants.
• These settlers increase the flow capacity by increasing and expanding the solid settling capacity and solids removal rate in the solid settling tanks.

If you are looking for this product, there are many PVC tube settler wholesalers in the market. Whether you want to buy PVC tube settlers for personal use or you are buying to sell, buying in wholesale have many benefits:

• Saving money- purchasing in bulk will help you save money as purchasing bulk wholesalers offer special rates.
• Saving time- buying the same item, again and again, is a waste of time.

How to find the best PVC tube settler wholesale?
• High-quality products
• Competitive rates
• Timely Delivery
• Size customization facility
• Bulk orders
• Available online

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