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All You Need To Know About PVC Tube Settler Media

Posted by Admin on June, 03, 2020

The Tube Settler Media is very apt for clarification and sedimentation process done during the wastewater treatment. This is a device used to treat water. It is manufactured from lightweight PVC tubes which are alongside placed and joined at 60 degrees to upsurge the settling area.
A PVC Tube Settler Media is different from a plate settler, although their functions are similar. It is highly praised in the market for its exceptional quality and long functional life.

Different types of functional models are available with all leading tube settler media manufacturers.
• Hexagonal Chevron,
• V Shape and
• Square Shape
• Circular,
• Rectangular,
• Lamella,
• Solids Contact,
• Horizontal Flow

1. Easy installation
2. High efficiency
3. No loss of energy
4. Minimum space required for storage
5. Enhances suspended solid concentration
6. Increases capacity of the clarifier
7. Enhances particle agglomeration and growth

Industry Served
The PVC tube settler media is used in various industries. Some of them are mentioned below.
1. Automobile,
2. Dairy Industry,
3. Slaughter House,
4. Pharmaceutical Industry,
5. Mills, Distillery,
6. Chemical/Petroleum Industry,
7. Leather Industry,
8. Sugar Industry

Water Source
1. Municipal Sewage,
2. Industrial Effluent,
3. Sewage water,
4. Commercial Waste Water

You can buy it in various capacities ranging Up to 2500 Kld and More.
Automation Grade
• Manual,
• Semi-Automatic,
• Automatic
Volume (in cubic-meters) - 500 cum & more

How do tube settler media work?
Tube settlers work in two ways;
First, they offer a huge surface area for the settlement of particles. This is because of the angle at which they are joined.
Secondly, they are utilized to collect the smaller particles until they create larger particles that can move down the way homogeneously.
Tube settlers are common in rectangular clarifiers, where they upsurge the settling surface area of particles. This functions with growing the vertical distance which the particle will have to move before settling.
Using parallel tubes, tube settlers make upward water movement to be constant.

Treatment Stages
• Disinfection,
• Primary Treatment,
• Secondary Treatment,
• Preliminary Treatment,
• Tertiary Treatment,
• e-micron

Installation Type
1. Prefabricated,
2. Containerized Plug & Play,
3. Completes Civil work with Installation

Tube Settler Advantages
It is made of PVC lightweight material. This makes it easily portable.
They can be fitted in different sizes and shapes in tanks. This is because of their lightweight and portability.

Tube Settler Disadvantages
The incoming water is noticed to be interfered with due to their poor design.
The PVC sometimes can break and so its chards may clog the expensive peel. This grows into a big problem in the removal of these chards.

Where to get high-quality tube settlers?
Reputed tube settler media manufacturers in Delhi possess talented and qualified team takes full responsibility for the
• raw materials procurement,
• engineering of the product,
• handling of clients request and queries, and
• logistics of the finished products

Hence, they offer many reasons to contact them.

Check for the following features before finalizing any tube settler media supplier:
• Reliable entity
• High-quality products
• Excellent product features and performance guaranteed
• Client-centric approach
• Competitive pricing
• Timely delivery
• Customization facility

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