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How To Select The Right MBBR Media?

Posted by Admin on August, 17, 2022

In the secondary wastewater treatment, MBBR or moving bed biofilm reactor provides low cost, high quality and low maintenance solutions. With different media types to choose from, it can be difficult to choose the right media for your wastewater treatment tank.

Following is a guide that will explain how you can choose the right media from MBBR media Manufacturer In Delhi, India.

What Is The Purpose Of MBBR Media?

The bed of MBBR media usually has thousands of tiny particles that will suspend themselves throughout the wastewater treatment tank. It generally takes around fifty to seventy per cent of the space that is available. The design of these tanks makes it the right thing for hosting the bacteria which is beneficial for promoting their growth.

Plenty of MBBR media resemble the wheel shapes, with these spokes of the wheel that provides a surface area that is valuable for bacteria growth. The coin-shaped discs and thin or square-shaped MBBR are also available.

These media carriers are perfect for use in aeration tanks. These disperse throughout the entire tank and the bacteria will also decompose the waste. The media is very effective due to their design that gives these a tremendous surface area for the microorganisms that are beneficial for the tank to settle in. This helps in increasing the number of bacteria available to decompose waste.

How To Select The Right MBBR Media?

To select the right MBBR media for wastewater treatment, you need to consider some essential factors. Keep reading to know them in detail.

Media Surface Area

A sufficient surface region is important to work with microorganism development. Media surface region some of the time corresponds with biodegradation rates, however, different variables can influence biodegradation too, so the connection is not an ideal one.

By and large, a wastewater treatment plant ought to expand the media surface region while as yet ensuring the media transporters address the office's issues in their different qualities. MBBR media transporters looking like spiked wheels, for instance, offer a gigantic surface region for their size to assist a plant with meeting its waste processing needs.

Required And Performance Of Biodegradation Rates

Ideal execution and biodegradation rates are basic for assisting a plant with moving wastewater through optional treatment rapidly and effectively. Execution and biodegradation rates frequently ascend with expanded media surface region.

They additionally rely upon factors like influent and emanating attributes, vacillations in the wastewater's contamination focus, the tank's base temperature, and the natural digestion systems of the tank's microorganisms.

As a rule, to upgrade execution and biodegradation rates, plants ought to search out MBBR media transporters of the right shape and material quality to give proficient, compelling waste processing.

Shape And Design

As we've talked about over, the plan and state of MBBR bio media transporters assist with deciding waste breakdown productivity and adequacy. Media transporters with mind-boggling, slice-out shapes will generally offer more surface region per media weight to improve bacterial development and advance bio-solid breakdown.

The MBBR media transporters' plan ought to likewise give them a thickness near the wastewater's thickness. The right thickness advances even dispersal all through the tank and guarantees careful waste assimilation.

Various materials offer various densities — the more practical re-pulverizes, for example, may have significant changes in thickness between transporter pieces, while polyethylene might give more consistency.

Follow this guide to get the best media from a reliable and trusted MBBR media Manufacturer In India.

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